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My published work is broken into several sections that can be accessed by the links on the right.

journal papers


peer reviewed articles
Tarampi, M. R., Heydari, N., & Hegarty, M. (2016). A Tale of Two Types of Perspective Taking Sex Differences in Spatial Ability. Psychological Science, 27(11), 1507-1516. doi: 0956797616667459.

Tarampi, M. R., Atit, K., Petcovic, H. L., Shipley, T. F. & Hegarty, M. (2016). Spatial Skills in Expert Structural Geologists. In B. Krantz, C. Ormand & B. Freeman (Eds.), 3D Structural Interpretation: Earth, Mind, and Machine (pp. 65-73). AAPG Memoir 111.

Hegarty, M., & Tarampi, M. R. (2016). Teaching Spatial Thinking: Perspectives from Cognitive Psychology. In H. Burte, T. Kauppinen, & M. Hegarty (Eds.), Proceedings of the Workshop on Teaching Spatial Thinking from Interdisciplinary Perspectives (TSTIP 2015) at COSIT 2015. Santa Fe, NM: CEUR Workshop Proceedings.

Tarampi, M. R., Geuss, M.K., Stefanucci, J.K. & Creem-Regehr, S. H. (2014). A Preliminary Study on the Role of Movement Imagery in Spatial Perception. In C. Freksa, B. Nebel, M. Hegarty, & T. Barkowsky (Eds.), Spatial Cognition IX (pp. 384-396). Berlin: Springer.

Rand, K. M., Tarampi, M. R., Creem-Regehr, S. H., & Thompson, W. B. (2012). The Influence of Object Ground Contact on Perception of Distance and Size under Severely Degraded Vision. Seeing and Perceiving, 25(5), 425447.

Rand, K.M., Tarampi, M.R., Creem-Regehr, S.H., & Thompson, W.B. (2011). The Importance of a Visual Horizon for Distance Judgments under Severely Degraded Vision. Perception, 40(2), 143-154.

Tarampi, M.R., Creem-Regehr, S.H., & Thompson, W.B. (2010). Intact Spatial Updating with Severely Degraded Vision. Attention, Perception, & Psychophysics, 72(1), 23-27.

manuscripts in preparation
Schaefer, R. S., Tarampi, M. R., & Logan, C. J. (2016). Engaging multiple disciplines to tackle questions of mind and brain.

Tarampi, M. R. & Creem-Regehr, S.H. (2016). Individual differences in spatial transformations.

Tarampi, M. R. & Creem-Regehr, S.H. (2016). The role of spatial expertise in imagined spatial transformations of bodies and body-parts: A study of dancers.

Gagnon, K. T., Tarampi, M. R., & Creem-Regehr, S. H. (2016). When and how do agents influence spatial perspective taking?.

Logan, C. J., Tarampi, M. R., Lukas, D., & Schaefer, R. S. (In progress). So you think you can dance? A spatial, temporal, and cognitive examination of behavior that is rhythmic, coordinated, and dynamic.