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Thank you for visting! I am currently transitioning to a new website for my professional and personal work. Please be patient as I finish migrating content to the new website, which will be launched at this URL. For your reference, my CV is the most up-to-date. All the other content is up-to-date as of December 2015.

Thanks. Margaret (01/07/2016)


Press on Recent Research Published in Psychological Science

My research on spatial and social perspective taking, "A Tale of Two Types of Perspective Taking: Sex Differences in Spatial Ability" was published in Psychological Science (the highest ranked empirical journal in psychology).

A press release from the Association for Psychological Science - Framing Spatial Tasks as Social Eliminates Gender Differences (October 12, 2016) - was picked up in several news outlets including:

Other articles written about this research includes:

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