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We Are Salt Lake Art Exhibit

We are Salt Lake is about our collective humanity as a community of diverse individuals in Salt Lake. While we are all united by our Salt Lake identities, we each hold a unique personal story and history. Discover those stories.

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Hall Family

72" x 48"

Machined Sintra

Charity: Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah


For Katie and Spencer Hall, Jonas is their miracle baby. First they were told they couldn’t have him. Then they were told they shouldn’t have him. They decided they needed him. Katie’s Mosaic Turner syndrome made pregnancy unlikely and complicated. Realization of their pregnancy in March 2011 was welcomed with cautious excitement. In June they learned of Jonas’s Mosaic Down syndrome. The news was sobering. Their expectations for life were radically adjusted. As they finish school at the University of Utah — a law degree for Spencer and a Masters in Education for Katie — they have a newfound outlook. Success and achievement have become relative terms. With his birth, Jonas has been their lesson in “meant to be” and “patience in the unknown.” He is their best achievement.