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We Are Salt Lake Art Exhibit

We are Salt Lake is about our collective humanity as a community of diverse individuals in Salt Lake. While we are all united by our Salt Lake identities, we each hold a unique personal story and history. Discover those stories.

SuAn | Peter | Alex | Hall Family | Jen | Marilyn | Molly and Davida | Dut | Melodia | Nancy | Moe | Kim


64" x 48"

Spray Paint & Vinyl on MDF

Charity:Huntsman Cancer Foundation


Nancy began life as a uniquely happy child with a zest for life who made friends quickly. Born in Denver, she was reluctant to move at the age of 13 with her parents to Salt Lake City, leaving the only friends she knew behind. The transition was diffi cult, but naturally this charismatic, inclusive, and stunning beauty had no problem meeting new people. Fellow students and members of Salt Lake’s Greek community welcomed her and grew to adore her. She married Jeff Klekas in 1980, making her place among the Greeks official. Seven years later they had twin boys, Steven and Michael. Nancy cherished her Salt Lake community, treasured her friendships with co-workers at the University of Utah’s Department of Psychology, and was whole-heartedly devoted to her family. Determined to be there for her husband and sons, she battled cancer for over five years. Her selflessness was extraordinary. She did not burden others with the despairs of her disease but rather lifted all with her infectiously joyous laugh. Nancy made anyone she was near feel special, welcome, and loved.