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We Are Salt Lake Art Exhibit

We are Salt Lake is about our collective humanity as a community of diverse individuals in Salt Lake. While we are all united by our Salt Lake identities, we each hold a unique personal story and history. Discover those stories.

SuAn | Peter | Alex | Hall Family | Jen | Marilyn | Molly and Davida | Dut | Melodia | Nancy | Moe | Kim


60" x 48"

Ink & Tape on Baltic Birch Plywood

Charity: ShelterKids Inc.


Moe Chantell Ki is a Samoan American. One of the main things she loves about living in Salt Lake is the diverse culture. You can find hula, salsa, and ballet classes in the same area. Restaurants and shops representing various cultures are scattered throughout the city.

Growing up, her mom raised Moe and her brothers to be proud of their Samoan roots. Although they do not live in the islands, Moe’s mom taught them the customs and traditions, and they learned to unite their Samoan culture with the American culture.

Moe is a student at the University of Utah. In May, she will be graduating with a Bachelor degree in political science and sociology. Her plan is to start a family, continue her education, and pursue a career in public service.