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We Are Salt Lake Art Exhibit

We are Salt Lake is about our collective humanity as a community of diverse individuals in Salt Lake. While we are all united by our Salt Lake identities, we each hold a unique personal story and history. Discover those stories.

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Molly and Davida

60" x 48"

Ink & Acrylic Paint on Baltic Birch Plywood

Charity: Equality Utah


Molly and Davida recently celebrated their first decade as a couple (thanks to a chance meeting at a Dartmouth College fire drill). They are proud to be legally married in Massachusetts and mutually committed in Salt Lake City.

As a result of their work for marriage equality in Massachusetts, Molly and Davida were featured in the Boston Globe, The Advocate, the book Courting Equality and the film Saving Marriage. Here in Salt Lake, they have continued to raise awareness of LGBT issues by volunteering with the Utah Pride Center, sWerve, Equality Utah, Planned Parenthood, and by participating in the pinkdot Utah event and the NOH8 campaign.

Molly is a Ph.D. student in Clinical Psychology and a pre-doctoral intern at the University of Utah Counseling Center, and Davida is a Graphic Artist at Whole Foods Market. They enjoy hosting dinner parties, Zumba, and exploring the beauty of Utah.