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We Are Salt Lake Art Exhibit

We are Salt Lake is about our collective humanity as a community of diverse individuals in Salt Lake. While we are all united by our Salt Lake identities, we each hold a unique personal story and history. Discover those stories.

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44” diameter circle

Laser Engraved Plywood

Charity: Circle of Hope Project


Marilyn Keith is (Dine’) Navajo and was born in Bluff , UT. She graduated from San Juan High School in Blanding, UT and attended Weber State University where she received a B.A. in Psychology with a minor in Child Development. Marilyn and her husband, Norman, have been married thirty-five-years and have seven children: Erik Keith, Elissa Tuttle, Melinda Hong, Shannon Nez, Kirby Keith, Olivia Mann, and Zebulun Keith. They also have eight grandchildren. Throughout the year Marilyn and Norman take charitable donations including clothing, books, and furniture to the Navajo Nation in Monument Valley. Likewise during Christmas, they distribute candy and provide Christmas for two needy families as well as provide candy to Monument Valley Elementary and the Head Start Programs in San Juan County. They also deliver candy to local community members. In addition, the duo identifies and provides Christmas for one needy organization on the Navajo Nation each year. Marilyn currently works for Volunteers of America, Utah as the Coordinatorfor the Circle of Hope Project.